Thomas Tjapaltjarri


During the Tjukurrpa (Creation Era) Tingari ancestor beings gathered at a series of sites for Malliera (Initiation) Ceremonies. They travelled vast stretched of the country, performing rituals at specific sites that in turn created the diverse natural features of the environment (depicted here as the rectangles - the earth).

Acrylic on linen. Certificate of Authenticity.

Painted in 2014.

30 x 30 cm.

Price 5.200 CZK / 195 EUR. Sold.

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Thomas Tjapaltjarri

Thomas (also known under the name Tamlik) was born around 1960 in the desert in Western Australia. He and his family are the last group of Aborigines who came into contact with modern society. They came out of the desert in 1984 and became well known as the "last nomads".

Thomas and his brothers, Warlimpirrnga and Walala, have become well-known artists under the name Tjapaltjarri Brothers.

Thomas's paintings depict stories from "Pintupi dreaming". They are mostly about places and events in the Tingari cycle (myths about the ancestors Pintupi). It is inspired by motifs painted on the body during the ceremony.

Thomas is a very valuable artist. His works are sold in prestigious galleries around the world. See how Thomas paints.