Ju Ju Wilson

Men and Women Hunting

Picture "Men and Women Hunting" shows Zimmerman Ranges near the Northern Territory border. It's a place where men and women go hunting. The painting capture game, fish, boomerang and hunting guns.

Ochre on Canvas. Certificate of Authenticity.

Painted in 2012.

50 x 60 cm.

Price 13.000 CZK / 480 EUR.

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Ju Ju Wilson

Ju Ju was born in Mantinea Flats in the East Kimberley. She is a member of the tribe Miriuwung Gajerronga. Her Aboriginal name is Buriwee, but to everyone she is "Ju Ju".

Ju Ju belongs to the traditional artistic family, her grandmother and mother Freda Sheba are also well known artists.

Among other things Ju Ju is a tour guide, popular cultural advisor, expert in bush tucker and medicines, didgeridoo maker and player and author of booklets. She is a frequent guest of television shows, where she talks about her paintings and abilities. For example in 2008, she appeared in a documentary Ray Mears Goes Walkabout.