Gallery owners and cousins Máša and Martina may be divided by 18 years and 16000 km as the crow flies, but both share a great love of Australian indigenous art. Máša lives with her Australian husband and three children in Melbourne and Martina lives with her Australian husband and dog Andy in Prague.

We are based in Melbourne and Prague. In Melbourne the whole process starts with Máša collecting the paintings at Aboriginal auctions or directly from the art galleries. The artworks we selected than travels to a small home gallery in Prague which Martina runs and operates. From time to time we display the paintings in Prague's cafes or you can arrange to visit our gallery. For those interested we are pleased to send more information to your email about the individual artists and the paintings.

We think the colorful Aboriginal artworks brighten every interior. It brings a lovely feeling of a unique culture that has many hidden secrets of which only the Aboriginal people can fully understand.

If you like any of the pictures, contact us for a private inspection by email We'd love to show you all of the artworks.

Máša & Martina