About Gallery

DREAMTIMEART is a small home gallery that would like to introduce you to Australian Aboriginal art. Indigenous people traveled to the continent about 50, 000 years ago. They came from Asia at a time when Malaysia and New Guinea formed a land bridge.

Aborigines do not have their own written language. They pass down their stories in paintings that describe maps, stories and important ceremonies. The oldest cave paintings are several thousands years old. In the 1970s, art teacher Geoffrey Bardon encouraged Aboriginal people in Panunya, north-west of Alice Springs to put their stories onto canvas. These paintings are characterized by a "dotted" technique, formed using acrylic colours and twigs. They have various traditional colours. Yellow means the sun, brown - earth, red - desert sand and white - clouds and sky.

Almost every painting has its own song. These songs express important facts about the rites and areas where they occur. For natives, these sites are sacred and only Aborigines are truly capable to read these paintings.

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